Old Friends

Two years before Conquest Hospital opened in 1992, members of St Helen’s, The Royal East Sussex, Buchanan and Eversfield Hospitals Friends formed a steering committee. The first event to raise money and awareness of the new hospital was a fete in the grounds of Helenswood Lower School; it was very well attended by the residents of Hastings and St Leonards.

September 1992 saw the opening of the Friends General Shop and our main fundraiser; the shop was not very large in those days and was managed by a part-time manager and 44 volunteers. Over the years the shop has had two refits and become a very successful fundraiser thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who give of their time so freely.

In 2006 the Friends took over the running of the Flower Shop from the WRVS, like the General Shop, with the help of Volunteers and a manager The Friends Flowers is a great success. They are able to arrange flowers for all occasions, have a wonderful gift section, also baby clothes, some of which are handmade and donated by very kind local ladies.

Summer Fetes and Annual Raffles have raised many thousands of pounds over the years and we now have a very popular Christmas Dinner & Dance every year.
In the 25 years that the Friends have been supporting the hospital over £2 million has been given in equipment and other help.

A Fundraising pamphlet from the 1920’s