The Friends raise money and allocate funds.

The Friends raise funds from gifts, donations, legacies, events and the profits made in its’ two shops and mobile ward services.  These services are staffed by up to 40 volunteers which keeps the operating costs very low and allows the Friends to maximise their funding of needy projects throughout the hospital.

The  Committee

Trustees Committee
Mr Bill Hamilton

Mrs Chin Barton

Mrs Janet Mclean


Mr Bill Hamilton


Claire Bridges


Mrs Janet Maclean

Mrs Rosemary Barry

Mr Kim Deshayes

Mr Mike Eastwood

Mrs Eva Martin

Ms Fiona Hosford

Alan Esdaile

Andre Palfrey-Martin

Mrs Nadine Salmon

Mrs Susan Webb

Mrs Deidre White

Miss Jayne White

Mrs Margaret Burns

Dr Richard Wray

Mrs Karen Aldridge


Rosemary working in the General store

Be a Friend like Rosemary.

Since retiring from a hectic job as a School Secretary, Rosemary was looking for something rewarding and fulfilling to take up some time.

Initially working just Tuesday mornings, Rosemary now also works Fridays, helps out whenever she can and has joined the Friends planning committee. Rosemary had this to say,

“I absolutely love it! The companionship is a joy and knowing that every penny raised goes towards buying equipment the Hospital desperately needs or for making patients stays that little bit more pleasant, makes it very worthwhile”

Rosemary also makes it fun and rewarding for us, her fellow Friends, too.

Be a Friend like Jayne.

You can help the Conquest in many, many ways – it’s not just about donations which of course we appreciate wholeheartedly.

As well as manning the ward trolley, Jayne is actively involved in running the Flower shop and organising fundraising events throughout the year. This includes the Friends Christmas party, a very popular dinner dance which raises hundreds of pounds toward the cause every year.

The Friends are planning a wide range of fundraising events to suit even the most adventurous of you. Many of our events are run by very experienced event organisers but to keep our costs to a minimum we are always in need of volunteer helpers.


Jayne volunteering on the daily trolley service


Anyone can apply to the Friends for funding. All applications are first scrutinised by the Hospital’s senior management. The NHS approved applications are invited to present their case to the Friends committee. Some supporting value analysis will be expected. Each application is judged on its merits and on the availability of funds at the time of application. Unfortunately not every application can be successful.